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Here at LRB Line Painting, our high-friction surface is committed to upgrading safety levels on your walkways, high-traffic areas and roads. To discuss your needs, please reach out to our specialist team today.

Quality traction for safety

We are experts in applying specialised coatings that significantly elevate traction. Whether it is a pedestrian crosswalk or even a road curve, we apply these coatings with great care and precision. This improves grip for vehicles and pedestrians whilst reducing the chance of slipping or skidding. We are dedicated to quality and only utilise professional quality material for our projects to withstand the test of time and poor weather. Get in touch to find out more.

Zebra crossing
Close-up of a road

Bespoke solutions for variety of needs

We understand that each location has its individual needs, so, our high-friction surfacing service can be customised according to your requirements. Whether you require a specific pattern, colour or design, we have the right skills to offer tailored solutions. We collaborate with you to determine the best approach, making sure that high friction surfacing aligns with your preferences and safety aspects. Contact us to figure out how our experts can make your high-traffic areas more secure.

Safety walkway
Safety walkway
Industrial floor painting
Road markings
Road marking
Anti slip coating
Epoxy flooring
playground is the runway
Sports marking
Parking spaces for handicapped drivers
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To get a quote for our high friction surfacing services in Newport and across South Wales, please call us on 01633 328802  

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