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Children on playground equipment


Our playground marking services help you to convert plain play areas into engaging and safe places for children. We offer playground marking solutions for a range of clients including schools, parks and daycares as well, get in touch with us today.

A combination of fun and learning

With our playground markings, we help you to stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage active play. We provide a variety of colourful designs and we ensure that our playground markings not only make playtime more cheerful but also offer opportunities for learning and developing life skills in a fun way. We have a great emphasis on safety, and we use premium quality and non-slip materials to meet relevant safety standards. Plus, our markings are designed to withstand wear and tear, reducing regular maintenance and repair costs. To learn more or for a discussion, please contact us today.

a hop scotch ladybird painted in the pla
Close-up of a road

A range of customisation options

We take our time to understand your unique requirements to personalise designs that complement the theme and layout of your playground. Whether you need to design a themed play zone or incorporate your team’s branding, we are your go-to team. We always make sure that the markings integrate flawlessly with your play area’s surroundings and environment. Give us a call to learn how our professionals can convert your playground into a safe haven for children.

Children's playground floor design
Safety walkway
Industrial floor painting
Road markings
Road marking
Anti slip coating
Epoxy flooring
playground is the runway
Sports marking
Parking spaces for handicapped drivers
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For reliable sports marking services in Newport and across South Wales, please call us on  01633 328802  

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