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lrb line painting hazard area


Here at LRB Line Painting, our safety marking service is committed to making your environment secure across Newport. Whatever property or surface regardless of your requirements, we are your first-choice team to complete your work to perfection.

Meticulous attention to detail

We carry out your safety marking work with great care and precision. We mark out crucial safety zones, including pedestrian passages, hazard areas and fire exits according to your needs. Our markings work as visual aids to employees and visitors, making sure that they can conveniently identify and prevent potential damages.

When you seek our safety marking services, we ensure that our safety markings are fully compliant with relevant safety standards. If you have any specific queries or need to discuss your safety marking project with us, we are a call away.

A lined walkway
Close-up of a road

Bespoke and cost-effective

We recognise that each space has its own safety requirements. So, our safety markings are tailored to your needs and whatever your requirements regarding symbols, colours, or directional markings, we can help. We work closely with you to create a safer environment that aligns with your operational needs whilst ensuring the wellness of everyone. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

Industrial floor
Safety walkway
Industrial floor painting
Road markings
Road marking
Anti slip coating
Epoxy flooring
playground is the runway
Sports marking
Parking spaces for handicapped drivers
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For dependable sports marking, playground marking or safety marking services in Newport and across South Wales, please call us on  01633 328802

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